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We live in a connected world where the Internet plays a vital role in both our personal
and professional activities. The Living Online exam is designed to help users understand
how to effectively use the Internet or work in a networked environment and maximize
communication, education, collaboration, and social interactions in a safe and ethical way.
The Global Standard 5 (GS5) release of this exam brings with it various new and enhanced
modules including social media, calendaring, streaming, and online conferencing elements
that truly measure a candidate’s ability to succeed in an increasingly digital world.
Using the Internet and World Wide Web
The Internet has changed the way we learn and work, the way we collaborate and
communicate, and even the way we interact with others socially. This domain covers
various types of electronic communication and collaboration tools, including a thorough
review of the Internet, other key website components, and effective ways to search for and
validate information. The exam also explores a foundational knowledge of how computers
are used in everyday personal or professional life, including risks of using hardware and
software, and how to use the Internet safely, ethically, and legally at all times. IC3’s Living
Online exam is the ideal solution for any student, job seeker, or individual looking to
successfully harness the power of the Internet in any of their various life pursuits.

Course Curriculum

Module 3, Living online
Lesson Plan 1 Details FREE 04:00:00
Lesson Plan 2 Details FREE 04:00:00
Lesson Plan 3 Details FREE 04:00:00
Lesson Plan 4 Details FREE 04:00:00
Lesson Plan 5 Details FREE 04:00:00
Lesson Plan 6 Details FREE 04:00:00
Lesson Plan 7 Details FREE 04:00:00
Lesson Plan 8 Details FREE 04:00:00
Lesson Plan 9 Details FREE 04:00:00
Quiz Module 3 00:30:00

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